Trollpikken - the famous troll dick

Trollpikken (the Troll's dick) is a spectacular mountain formation located outside the city of Egersund, Norway. It stands and burst in the area between Kjervall and Veshovda. The formation is a fallow symbol that scouts out of Dalane. Trollpikken performs very well in these selfie-times, such as Instagram and Facebook. A website has been created in honor of the rock formation Download the tour-descrition here.
Go by car or bicycle to Sletteid and use the facilitated parking lot. Follow the graval road Kjervallsbakken for about 1 km, take a right turn and follow the “Opplev Dalane” sign . After the first pelvis, keep left. When you see a lake, follow the valley uphill. Trollpikken rises at the very top of the valley, at a glance. 1-2 hours walk in total depending on how fast you do hills. The entire walk is one big hill. Enjoy and take a lot of selfies!
An alternative route, can be to start the hike in “Vannbassengene” and follow  the “Opplev Dalane” trail towards Kjervall. Turn right before you reach Kjervallsbakken and follow the same route up the valley.

The geology in Egersund is unique in world scale. Magma Geoparks geology, consists of anorthosite magma, a type of stone only to be found in Egersund, in Canada and on the moon! The story began already 1.5 billion years ago, when red-hot magma and sky-high mountains characterized the ground in the area. Through millions of years glaciers have formed the characteristic landscape we have today.
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Grand Hotel Egersund has 12 bicycles for rental. The bikes can be hired by hotel guests who wish to ride from the hotel and up to the parking lot at Sletteid or other trips in Dalane.
The bike ride to Sletteid is 6.8 km and at a normal pace it takes about 30 - 45 minutes to get there.
Price for bicycle and helmet 1 day is NOK 150, - Contact the reception.

Facts about the trip:
Category: Hiking
Length: 1.830 km /1.14 mi
Difficulty: medium
Surface: moderate, waterproof shoes
Lunchbag: buy at Grand Hotel Egersund
Hotel: Grand Hotel Egersund 
Phone: 00 47 51 49 60 60
Hiking to the troll cock
The troll cock
Grand Hotell Egersund
Map showing the way to the Troll cock