Kjerag in Lysefjorden – the most majestic attraction of them all! Kjerag is a popular mountain range for hiking. Its most unique feature is the big boulder stuck tight between the mountain sides – known as Kjeragbolten. If you make your way up, you will be 1000 meters above Lysefjorden, with an amazing view!
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The majesty of the Lysefjord - Kjerag is a popular mountain peak that towers a 1000 metres over the Lysefjord.  

Getting to Kjerag by ferry, bus and car

The Lysefjord is 42 kilometres long (approximately 26 miles) and a pearl in Norwegian nature. The glaciers formed the fjord landscape during the last Ice Age, and can be called a canyon. The mountain soar up to 1000 metres (3000 feet) above sea level on both sides of the fjords and some places it ranges as deep in the fjords as its height above sea level.

At Kjerag all the fjord’s special characteristics are intensified to the extreme. The Kjerag plateau is a barren mass of rock with polished crags and the Kjerag boulder lies approximately 300 metres south of the cairn.
The mountain side that swoops vertically to the fjord below is an impressive sight from the deck of a boat. Understandably, Kjerag is a seductress of mountain climbers and basehoppers alike during the summer time. 

Access by own car or by bus/ferry. Parking at Øygardstøl NOK 150 CAR, NOK 60 MC.