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We start with an unforgettable guiding tour at the mining plant Titania, one of the most famous mining companies. The deposit of titanium Tellnes shows the biggest appearance from Ilmenit in the whole world. It isn’t comparable with any other Norwegian mining plants. The bus tour to Jøssingfjord is well-known through the Altmark-Affair in the Second World War
Jøssingfjord is with his Fjord-arm the beginning of the Norwegian Fjords.
On top of the Fjord is Helleren. Under the Helleren there are 2 houses which are pieces from a very old colony in Stone Age. These houses are from year 1800 and worth a visit.

Between Jøssingfjord and Sogndalstrand there is a good accessible hiking walk to Hellershei. The tour takes 2 hours and offers you an amazing view.
You can also participate a guided climbing tour on marked ways.
Sogndalstrand is an old seaport with many sailing ships. Already in the year 1660 Sogndalstrand is one of the most important commercial centres in Norway. In the 70’s there were 20 stores, 4 bakeries, 2 liquor stores, 4 taverns’ and one separated prison. The Salmon River, named Soka, which goes through Songdalstrand flows directly in the Sea. Today the city offers you the culture hotel, lots of cafés, galleries, stores and one amphitheatre outside.
It’s a lovely experience to walk through Sogndalstrand and enjoying a tasty cup of coffee.
Titania bergverk
Spektakulær utsikt over Jøssingfjord