Hiking ways in Egersund

The lighthouse Eigerøy fyr:
The lighthouse is located in a very special geological area, just a short drive outside Egersund. We can help you book a guided tour to the lighthouse. On the way to and from the lighthouse, you will gain insight into the unique geology of the area. You can also go to the top of the lighthouse and look at the spectacular view. After the walk, you will enjoy homemade fish soup, while taking in the amazing landscape that surrounds you. It is about a 30 minutes’ walk from the parking lot to Eigerøy Lighthouse.
The central und unique recreation area "Vannbassengene" is located in the east of Egersund. It offers many beautiful hiking trails, as well as lakes for fishing and swimming.
If you start your trip to "Vannbassengene" at the Grand Hotel, it will take a short walk of 10 to 15 minutes. The recreation area is well signposted and therefore easy to find.
Hellvik – Egersund:
You will go on a more than eight-kilometre mountainous route. When you walk slowly, you need perhaps 2 hours and 15 minutes to go through it. Don’t forget to wrap enough food and drinks, because breaks are very important for a successful hike. Therefore, we recommend at least 3 hours for the hike. On your trip you have the chance to enjoy great viewpoints and benches in the wood that are suitable for little breaks. During your walk you will have a wonderful view on the sea, Nora Sundet and Eigerøy. You have the possibility to take the train for getting to Hellvik or getting back to Egersund so you shouldn't walk both ways.
Turvei Hellvik Egersund
Turvei Hellvik - Egersund
Ta turen til Eigerøy fyr
Eigerøy fyr