Guided tour for walk and bus groups

What to see in Egersund

If you want to lern more about Egersunds unique fish- or the Fayance history we would recommend you to have a trip with one of our guides. May be you want to have a look into the production of ceramics at the Fayancemuseum or to get a sweet snack at Egersunds Choclatefactory.
We can offer you a trip that includes all of these activities with a guide and a return trip.
Guides must be reserved in advance.
Through the history of Egersund by Bus
Get an insight through the maritime town Egersund while sitting in the Bus.
We visit and admirer the rococo-church which is situated in the middle of the heart of Egersund, the historical Strandgaten with focus on herring, the history related to being a fisherman, the clay and Oscar II, the importance of Eigerøy and an insight into the companies in Egersund.
We drive through Golan a 70 years old settlement, the old workplace Damsgård, the event place Elverhøy and the Hestvad Bridge. The trip takes perhaps one hour and giving you an insight into the wonderful history of Egersund. 
Guides must be reserved in advance.
Prices can be found here.
Instead of sitting in the Bus you can explore Egersund by foot
Get an insight through the maritime town Egersund by foot.
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Urban morphology
Interiors and Architecture