Eigerøy Lighthouse

The geology in Egersund is unique in a world scale

Eigerøy Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located in a very special geological area, just a short drive outside Egersund.

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The Eigerøy Lighthouse is among the most visited attractions in Egersund. It was Norway’s first cast iron lighthouse, built in 1853-54. The lighthouse was built to pilot shipping traffic along an inhospitable coastline. The beautiful coastal- and cultural landscape at Midbrødøya stands out as distinctive to the county. Protected by a low front of rugged, weathered cliffs in the south and west, you will experience an intimate landscape of small grassy fields, marshes, forests and heather-covered hills - all of this between the narrow mountain crests at the northern side of the island. Download the tour descrition here.

We can help you booking a guided tour to the lighthouse. On the way to and from the lighthouse, you will gain insight into the unique geology of the area. You can also go to the top of the lighthouse and look at the spectacular view. After the walk, you will enjoy homemade fish soup, while taking in the amazing landscape that surrounds you. It is about a 30 minutes' walk from the parking lot to Eigerøy Lighthouse.

Eigerøy lighthouse, Egersund, and surrounding areas as well, are part of Magma Geopark. You can read more about Magma Geopark, and the special geology we have in this area, on www.magmageopark.com.