Tour and activities at the Årstad farm

Årstadgården - a discovery tour

Arstadgarden, the oldest farm in Egersund has a very nice view over the harbor. It is only 5 minutes away from the Grand Hotel by foot. The interaction between the farm and the city developed in the years 1700 till 1850. Most of Egersunds‘ residents worked at the farm.

You can book a sightseeing tour on the farm or our nice localities to celebrate a party. In our big, old barn are places for 50 guests. It’s an ideal location to have nice parties.

There are many antique things, which you can discover in the barn. In 1836, there was found a 2,3kg treasure of silver from the Wikinger. You can visit this treasure in the University of Oslo.
If you are interested, you can book a whole package with an Egersund tour, a visitation of the farm and an overnight stay in our Grand Hotel.