Activities and tourism



The Vandringshavn is a nice place for tours, activities and barbecues. Bring your drinks and food with you and enjoy a wonderful evening. Even we offer guided ski tours.

Egersund Fayancemuseum

The Egersund Fayancemuseum is a museum that shows the production of the A / S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co. (1847-1979). For 132 years, the factory provided the Norwegian people with ceramic. A / S Egersunds Fayancefabriks Co.

Egersund Chocolate Factory

Egersund Chokolate Factory is a year-round attraction in the center of Egersund. Here you can buy real Egersund chocolate molded in the form of the Egersund Pilot Statue, and many other tasty variants.


An exciting offer for those who have never sailed and those who know only a little about sailing. As of Thursday, the 11.05.16, every Thursday until 29.09.16, except the month of July. Kl 1700 - 1900 Participation; Nysundhalsen, Exit Eigerøy Bridge The service is free and there is an introduction to the sport of sailing.

Eigerøy Lighthouse

The lighthouse is located in a very special geological area, just a short drive outside Egersund. We can help you booking a guided tour to the lighthouse. On the way to and from the lighthouse, you will gain insight into the unique geology of the area. You can also go to the top of the lighthouse and look at the spectacular view.

Egersund Christmas Town

In 2004, Egersund was voted as Santa's hometown in Norway. At the same time, and independently of this vote, a handful Egersunders were checking the possibilities for making a Christmas town in Egersund.