Activities and tourism


Christmas Parties

Grand Dinnershow It is a tradition! Every year you can experience Grand Dinnershow in Egersund. Come join a 4-course Grand Dinnershow in Egersund! Every show can take up to 130 people, and we manage to have full house on almost all of the 18 show we have in november and desember every year. In 2019 we promise red carpet and a lot of feel good music!!

Summer in Egersund

Are you going to Norway this summer? Welcome to Egersund - a charming town on the Norwegian west coast. The hotell is situated in the city centre whick consists of old, small wooden houses, cozy, small niche shops and nice places to have lunch or dinner. In Egersund you find the world famous attraction Trollpikken (Troll Cock). The trip to Trollpikken is easy and suitable for the whole family. Welcome to Egersund - a very charming and welcoming small town on the Norwegian coast. Egersund is located between Stavanger and Kristiansand.

Egersund Chocolate Factory

Egersund Chokolate Factory is a year-round attraction in the center of Egersund. Here you can buy real Egersund chocolate molded in the form of the Egersund Pilot Statue, and many other tasty variants.

Guided Brewery Tour

Berentsens Brygghus is a 119-year-old beverage producer. They produce everything from soft drinks to beer and schnapps. In 2003 Berentsen started to sell Rogalandspils (Rogaland beer) which was brewed by Aass Brewery in Drammen.

Wine Tasting

Grand Hotell offers wine courses and activities related to wine tasting, wine quiz and "create your own cuvèe". In our wine cellar and newly renovated Grand Cellar we offer Introduction to Wine Tasting and courses on Chablis, Champagne, Cognac or liquor.