Activities and tourism


Årstadgården (The Årstad Farm)

Arstadgarden, the oldest farm in Egersund has a very nice view over the harbor. It is only 5 minutes away from the Grand Hotel by foot. The interaction between the farm and the city developed in the years 1700 till 1850. Most of Egersunds‘ residents worked at the farm.


"Bede for bede" - show with local artists Experience the local version of the TV sucess "Beat for Beat" (Norwegian musical variety show based on the Irish game show "The Lyrics Board"). In Egersund, the name is "Bede for Bede" (dialect), and stars local artists. Guests are divided into teams and are challenged to participate with singing, singalong and music-related questions.

Causerie and lecture

Causerie by journalist and cabaret artist Arnt Olav Klippenberg. Arnt Olaf Klippenberg is from the lovely summer town of Egersund. Much of his performances and writing, similarily to his home town, is warm, funny and nice.