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About Grand Hotell

The History of Grand Hotel
There have been hotels in Egersund from the mid 1870s - just after the railway between Egersund and Stavanger (Jærbanen) was built. There were a total of 7 hotels in the city center towards the end of the 1800s, due to Egersund becoming a junction of transportation. Travelers that came by ship from the eastern part of Norway, switched from ship to the train to Stavanger in Egersund since a boat trip along the Jæren coast was no pleasure. Egersund was also a center in terms of trade, fishing and finance.

In the mid- 1990s, the "Knudsen House", which today is the hotel's restaurant, was bought and renovated with focus on preserving the beautiful Swiss style, both detail- and color-wise. The hotel is proud to have been awarded the Architectural Conservation Award from the municipal and the Protective Award from Fortidsminneforeningen (The society for the Preservation of Norwegian Ancient Monuments) for this work.

In 1997, in order to expand, the building of former grocery shop G. Albretsen was bought. Great course and conference facilities, and 17 new rooms, were finished in 2005. Today, the hotel reflects three eras; Swiss style from the 1880s, functionalism from the 1930s and the modern architecture of this century.

The hotel changed its name from Eiger Hotell to Grand Hotell AS in 1995.

Grand Hotel has recently bought several of the neighboring houses, and over the last years these houses has been rebuild into additional rooms. Today the hotel consist of 101 hotel rooms.